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Information on the Recall of NATPARA in the US

Takeda is committed to the hypoparathyroidism community and continues to work with the FDA on both short- and long-term solutions to bring NATPARA back to patients, which remains our highest priority. We will continue to work diligently on this issue and keep patients and healthcare providers informed of our progress.

If you are a patient with questions about the U.S. recall of NATPARA, please reach out to our OnePath patient services team at 866-888-0660. Healthcare providers with questions should call 800-828-2088.

All of Takeda’s public communications regarding the recall and subsequent actions can be found here:

December 17

September 15

July 12

June 14

May 25

April 16

April 12

April 9

March 31

February 8

December 23

December 18

November 17

October 20

January 21

November 22

October 9

October 9

Takeda’s Letter to Patients about the US Class I Recall of NATPARA

The above letter has been sent to all NATPARA patients. However, all patients participating in the Special Use Program will receive a separate letter addressing their own individual circumstances. This Recall does not apply to single-use cartridges provided to participants in the NATPARA Special Use Program.

September 26

September 25

September 24

September 24

September 16

September 13

September 6

September 5